Monday, January 01, 2007

I'm too old to get home at 7 in the morning....

Well, it's the new year, with promises of a whole slew of new resolutions, prayers, and intentions that will crash miserably to the ground and get washed away into the nearest sewer.

But until then, I want to wish you all happiness, health, fulfillment and love.

And don't forget, the Jews did kill Jesus.

Happy New Year everybody!!!


Stacie said...

Happy New Year! I wish all the same for you, with the addition of avoiding Greek Prison!

Hannah said...

Happy New Year. How's the prison working out for you?

Nic said...

hehe! And just so you know: Jesus was a jew!

Enjoy 2007!

Happy Huband said...

Hi do you eat the gyros and souvlaki over there? Do you like shwarma?

Chris said...

I thought Mel Gibson killed Jesus.

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