Tuesday, May 29, 2007

How to lose friends and piss people off

So I pretty much hate people in general. Not specifically so much, more of an overall dislike of the masses.

And it’s nice when my hatred is reaffirmed by specific examples. Ridiculous, unbelievable things that don’t happen to normal people happen to me. Being “normal” might have something to do with it.

I previously wrote about how a Greek job website listed “Jewish” as a language and I thought that was funny. I also posted something very similar on a Jewish website I joined, which has my full name, my picture, my location, blah blah fucking blah.

As with most of my posts, someone from Greece decided to write me a ten paragraph diatribe about what a jerk I am, how bigoted I am to dare say something negative about the Greek culture, how utterly irresponsible I am to say such things, and to generally just shut my mouth. All anonymously, of course.

Since I’m rather experienced at dealing with these charming people who clearly have fulfilling, well-rounded lives, I decided to be nice and explain that I really didn’t mean any harm and it was all written in good fun.

Thank goodness for me, Ms. Anonymous was gracious enough to forgive my unforgivable behavior of criticizing her obviously superior culture, and she proceeded over the span of approximately two months to try to make friends with me through this Jewish website via numerous emails and helpful “hints” on how to get on here. I figured, better to be polite to Anonymous-Nasty-Comment-Leavers because those bitches are crazy.

Turns out, Anonymous-Nasty-Comment-Leaver is NOT some random woman here in Greece. Oh no, ANCL is actually my former college roommate; yeah, not only roommate, but best friend. We lost touch a few years ago and on a whim, she decided to Google me.

And once she found me and didn’t like what I wrote, she joined the Jewish website (she’s not Jewish), created a fake profile, wrote me a nasty comment, and then spent two months ANONYMOUSLY writing me and trying to be friends again before admitting who she really was.

Who does shit like that?!?! Um, Anonymous-Nasty-Comment-Leaver crazy bitches! Of course, I was so excited to finally get back in touch with her, I decided to make our reunion really poignant by telling her to take her crazy bitch self and FUCK OFF. I hate everybody.


SUEB0B said...

That is bizarre behavior.

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP! Since this was NOT me (your other college roommate and best friend, whom you also lost touch with for a few years, but who IS blessedly a Jewess) I think I know who it is!! Email me please-- I miss you!


Big Kahuna said...

Holy Cow - That is just too funny. Thank you again for brightening my day

Anonymous said...

God...you are so sad. Leave Greece if you hate it so much. I'm sure you won't be missed. Your boyfriend will probably get over it and I'm sure his family hates you.

han1509 said...

So, I guess your old college roommate is in Greece, too? How bizarre is that??? Your blog is v. funny, but sometimes you push the boundries a bit too much. Surely you can see that it can piss people off--> even an old friend. Let bygones be bygones and rekindle that friendship--> especially if she is close by. From the sound of things, you could do with a pal or two in Athens. People are weird, buy clearly she mananged to get your attention.

Eve said...

WOW! Your former friend has way way too much time on her hands!

Hannah said...

Huh. What special behaviour. As Eve says, who the hell has that much time?!