Saturday, June 07, 2008

We all have our place, mine just happens to be better than everyone else's

So it goes without saying (even though I'm going to say it anyway) that when you work with a group of people - most of whom you can't stand - the one or two people you actually do like will find a real job and move on to bigger and better things.

In line with this, one of my favorite people left last week. He is a British physics professor (with a full-on Physics PhD) and he just got a job teaching at a hoity-toity British private school.

As with every situation where a co-worker is leaving, the vultures began to circle over my buddy's very choice seating location.

Luckily, my friend with the PhD in Physics is keen enough to harbor the same disdain for teachers that I do, which is why I knew he was leaving before anyone else. And that's why I'm now writing this from the BEST SEAT ON MY FLOOR, suckers!

His replacement came in today. A fruitloop from California, a teacher and an "actor." He acts here in Greece because he doesn't want to give up his "craft." I hate people who call arm flailing in front of a backdrop of finger-painted oak-tag a "craft." If more than four strangers don't consider you an actor, it would behoove you not to mention this silliness to a bunch of strangers on your first day at work.

Because there might be some opinionated bitches (sitting in the best seat on the floor), who'll judge you for it. I'm just saying.

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Hannah said...

Hang fire: an actually qualified person teaching in Britain? I don't believe it for a second.