Friday, September 23, 2005

Her Schwartz is Almost as Big as Mine

My Life is God's Comic Strip: Yo, kiddo! Are you coming out tonight?

19 Year Old Virgin Baby Sister: No, I have a date.

MLIGCS: oooo-ooooooo, you have a daaaate? With who? Is he cute?

19YOVBS: Yes, he's cute, he's an athlete. He was in the Olympics.

MLIGCS: NIIIICE!!! Are you wearing your pretty-pretty panties?

19YOVBS: Actually, I'm not wearing any panties.

MLIGCS: *sniffle* You have learned well, young Jedi.


Spring said...

Haha. Good job training you sister in the ways of adulthood...

Anonymous said...

My Schwartz is bigger.

carrotpenis said...

That virgin thing isn't going to last too much longer is it?

AJ said...

"When you can snatch the panties from my hand, it will be time for you to leave"