Friday, October 14, 2005



adj. - a person who drinks large quantities of alcohol to the point of humiliation, without feeling remorse about it the next day.


n. - basing personal religion on the mistaken belief that worshipping alcohol in all its glory will save you from the misery that is the life you've created for yourself.


n. - basing a world dominating religion on the bastard child of a horny Jewish middle eastern woman from ancient times, who subscribes to the adage, "the bigger the lie, the more convincing it is."

  • ex: "I can't believe I had premarital sex and got pregnant! My parents are going to kill me......I know! I'll say God did it!"
Shoulder-Shrug OK

adj. - the reaction you have when your friends ask you about the guy you're dating, but aren't that excited about.

  • ex.: "Hey, MLIGCS, how's that guy you're dating?"
    *Shoulder-shrug* "He's OK I guess."

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