Friday, August 25, 2006

And yet, even more positive reinforcement

What kind of man asks, "What does your pussy feel like?"

I'll tell you. The kind of man I get to meet while I'm out having a casual drink with a coworker. The man who happens to be a Jewish attorney that would make my mother's panties wet if she knew I met him.

Um, Olympic, I'd like a one-way ticket to heaven please.


Jane said...

Time to get down to the Greek Embassy to find out about long term Visas I think!

Evi said...

Well, maybe you should give it a try here. You can always go back if you regret your decision. Will you be on an island or the mainland? (Don't answer if that's too personal!) I live on an island quite near Athens.
Can't you hold on to your apartment? It would be a shame to lose it since you love it so much.

Ivygrrl said...

So...what was your response?

James Cooper said...

Wow, there's something I've never tried asking. And how would one answer that anyway? Wait, do I really want to know?

dardehdel said...

What has the world come to when men are THAT retarded?

Chris said...

Maybe you should have hooked him up with your mother.....sounds like they would have liked each other:x

Sorry....had to throw that in there:)

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