Monday, March 21, 2005


So, I was just wondering, if anyone knows how many people live in NYC? Hmmm? Anyone? And how many people do you think visit NYC on a lovely Saturday afternoon in late winter/early spring? Hmmmmm? Anyone? Anyone? I would be so bold as to guess in the millions. At least, a few million live there, and a few thousand would visit on that lovely Saturday.

And since we're on the topic of numbers, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what are the chances of my running into someone I would know on the street in SoHo.....out of the thousands of people milling about, strolling in and out of stores, getting something to eat, or just walking around? Anyone? I know what you're thinking, and you're right, the chances are probably not that high, when you take into account all the things that have to come together, the stars aligning, the minutes and steps and actions of two people working in some cosmic tandem in order for them to be in the exact same place at the exact same time.

I don't know what sins I've committed (okay, I know a few, but they're really not earth shattering) or who I've managed to piss off, how many ladders I've walked under or black cats I haven't kicked out of the way to keep them from crossing my path, but I don't understand how I COULD COME COMPLETELY FACE-TO-FACE WITH MY EX-HUSBAND, IN SoHo, ON A RANDOM SATURDAY, NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE!!!!!!!!

TWICE!!!!!!!!!!! I'm yelling (yelling when you're writing means spelling things in all caps and then emphasizing with exclamation points!!!!!!) For the love of god and all things holy! And not twice like, within fifteen minutes because he went one way and I went the other and we met around the bend. Noooooo. Twice, as in, HOURS apart. HOURS!!!!!

I'll be under my desk if anyone needs me.

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Anonymous Me said...

Damn, that is some BAD karma! You're lucky that space junk isn't falling from the sky and hurtling toward you. Yeesh . . .