Thursday, March 10, 2005

And the Oscar Goes to......

So I was on a date last night with Mr. Play Your Cards Right. I figured I would give it one more, (and now final), chance. And the conversation turned towards a topic that should never be discussed on a second (and final) or even third or fourth date: Religion.

Our point of contention rested on the fact that I don’t particularly believe in God or any type of higher power or being that gives a shit about my day-to-day goings on. I consider myself to be Jewish, but more in a cultural sort of way. I am part of a very big, typically meddlesome, loving, loud, Jewish family whose Shabbat dinners and holidays resemble a scene out of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. But I don’t practice on a personal level. By choice. A choice I’m very content with.

This was the crux of our conversation:
Mr. PYCR: But you HAVE to believe in something.
Me: No, I don’t believe in a higher power.
Mr. PYCR: Then how do you explain everything that is around you?! How do you explain creation?!
Me: I can’t explain creation. But I’m not about to make up an answer in order to explain it.
Mr. PYCR: But you HAVE to believe in something. ANYTHING! If I didn’t believe, I’d have no reason to live. I’d throw myself out of that window over there.
Me: Good thing we’re on the ground floor.

After a whole lot more of “you HAVE to’s”, and “I’d have no reason to live’s” and references to trees, the blue sky, humans, animals, life after death, the universe, rivers, technology and everything else that exists, he gave up. With the caveat that “One day, you WILL believe.”

So today's lesson is: Never date a man who is more dramatic than Nathan Lane in drag.


Anonymous Me said...

All I can say is, at least you found out early. It would suck to have that conversation while picking out china.

Jordan, and ya don't stop said...

its funny to me that all this is coming from a woman who calls her blog "My Life Is God's Comic Strip"

yes i know its just a phrase and a joke...

Anonymous said...

Poor baby. Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh :(