Monday, April 11, 2005

Bienvenido a Miami

I wish I had the balls to post my pic on this, because then you could all revel in the Greatness that is my TAN.....Oh yes, Miami is a little slice of heaven. And I have the color to prove it.

I stayed with my friend, who could actually be the Director of Tourism for the Miami-Dade County area. Of course, he's a New York transplant, which would explain his new love affair with southern Florida. Giving up tundra like conditions for 80 degrees and an oh-so-nice convertible can do that. His ocean-view condo doesn't hurt either.

The 'scene' in Miami and New York is pretty similar, beautiful, young people with too much money, zipping around in cars that cost more than homes, sporting watches that cost more than cars. Seriously, the women are all wearing insane outfits (I use the term "wearing" loosely because I'm not sure if artfully tied strips of cloth pass as actual clothing, but work with me) and high heeled stiletto platforms (to the BEACH - I mean really), and everyone is so damn good looking that you can't stop people watching. The restaurants even seat you outside like in France, both people facing the sidewalk - to better soak it all in. *deep sigh* Lovely.

I highly recommend a trip. Especially if you suffer from A.D.D. and have no hang-ups about being bombarded with silicon from all directions. Almost made me wish I were a lesbian.


Anonymous said...

On the one hand, I'd like to see the tan lines. On the other hand, if you had balls, I probably wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Please boycott Coca-Cola for its support of Israel.