Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Etymology of the C-Word

Co-Worker: Why do all women go crazy when you call them the C word?
Me: Because it's the worst word in the English language.
Co-Worker: Why?
Me: Because it is.
Co-Worker: That's what I love about lawyers. Their ability to reason.

I wanted to tell him to "eat-me" but somehow that seemed inappropriate in a law office. Eat-me has not yet emerged as an appropriate legal rebuttal.

"Do you have anything further Counselor? "
"Yes your Honor, I would like to conclude my client's case by advising opposing counsel to eat-me. "

But I digress. In response to the above conversation I had with a co-worker yesterday, who now lovingly refers to me as BFC, I decided to research the question. Because really, who needs to do any work at the office.

The following is from Word Origins:

This word for the female genitalia dates back to the Middle English period, c.1325. (Although researchers have found a London street named Gropecuntelane from c. 1230.) Although the word cannot be traced back further than this, there are cognates in a variety of other Germanic languages, indicating a Germanic origin.
Cunt does not come from the Latin cunnus, which is also a term for the female pudenda, although a common root back in the mists of time cannot be discounted. Use of the word as term of abuse for a woman is a 20th century sense, dating to 1929.

Dictionary.com states the following:
n. Vulgar Slang
1. The female genital organs.
2. Sexual intercourse with a woman.
Notes: Offensive. Used as a disparaging term for a woman.
Used as a disparaging term for a person one dislikes or finds extremely disagreeable.

Now, thank goodness, all of your lives are complete, including smarmy-ass Co-Worker.


Anonymous said...

everyone knows that BFC is a term of affection!

Anonymous Me said...
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Anonymous Me said...
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Anonymous Me said...

Fabulous etymology--I love it! Middle English sounds about right--it has that crude, Saxon ring to it. On another topic, I went to blogexplosion.com as advised, but I wanted you to get credit for referring me. If there's some kind of email referral form, you can send it to:

Kind Regards,
Anonymous Me

I Am The Walrus said...

I actually prefer the word cunt to the diminutive words pussy, beaver, snatch, etc. The words for the male genitalia are hard sounds--cock, prick, dick, etc. I proudly have a cunt and it can compete with any prick around.

Terry said...

Ha, just found your site on BE. Definitely a good read! Thanks, I'll be back for more!

B. said...

BFC... isn't there some surgery that you jewish girls are doing these days to become "born again virgins"?

John Norton said...

Hot damn, I guess there are some words that have been around FAR longer than you'd think.

TheInfamousJ said...

(Found you by BlogExplosion)

Just out of curiosity since I read your post and then sarafenix's comment, I wonder about the origin of "beaver".

I mean, last I checked my genitals aren't known for chopping down trees or damming up rivers. Any ideas?

marie b. said...

"Why do all women go crazy when you call them the C word?"

as a woman, i can honestly say that i've never been offended whenever anyone has referred to me as being a cunt -- and plenty of people have.

afterall, it's just a word. a fabulous, wonderful word that i use daily.

Layne said...

the C word is just so ugly sounding. It IS hard sounding (as the post above says). I prefer to think of my parts as soft and enticing. I don't want to compete with the cocks out there. My body is soft and slick and proudly female.

But because I think every woman feels differently about her own body and desires, WE should be the ones to determine for ourselves what slanguage is okay. If I like calling it a clit and you like saying twat then our partners and others need to respect that. (just not vagina, because there's nothing sensual about vagina).

Ryan M Scott said...

It just so happens that I was wondering about that very word...

jpr said...

Good response for smarmy:
"Probably the same reasons you don't like being called pencil dick"

HabitualDamnation said...

(found you on the blogrocket)

you might like to know that here in england, we never call females that word, only men!!

nice ass picture said...

Cool site but not what i was looking for on http://www.assoholics.com. So I say ado.. and off I go.

Anonymous said...

it is offensive because there is absolutely no equivalent (in the English language, at least) that conveys the same contempt, scorn and disdain that for men.

this nickname for the very heart of a woman's physical female-ness is used as the WORST insult possible.