Friday, April 01, 2005


Today my soft cast
Brings more humiliation.
Laugh, but I will win.

Soft cast in springtime
Life kicking me while I'm down
I cannot kick back

O soft cast of mine
The pain of shame you have wrought
Hark, the booze beacons


Anonymous said...

Beacons? Oh shining light of booze?
hmmm... perhaps you meant beckons? Yeah, that ny bar exam must be tough!

Anonymous said...

Very hilarious and often insightful blog, but serious.....I'm the guy in the below paragraph with a red-belt in Taekwondo. Bitch slap away darling!
Happy Chanukah


Anyway, the first reason I had to use the horse shit line is because the guy is a chiropractor. I know, I shouldn't be judgmental, but anyone who chooses to go into any type of holistic-anything in life will probably get bitch slapped by me on a weekly basis.